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About Us

The company has developed a reputation for publishing excellent literary and intellectual works, and in the spirit of culture and traditions, Al Waraqoon looks forward to an expansion in this area of publishing to offer it to a wider audience. Mohammed Bu Hassan, the Managing Director, believed in the authenticity of the past and that cultural aspects should be given opportunity for expression as they are of utmost importance. At Al Waraqoon, everything goes beyond the standard to create a truly distinguished story-telling experience with the book at its heart. It is a truly unique way for titles to find their way into genuine inheritance.

  • Vision

    We strive to be the premier publisher and provider of choice for products and services that are faithful to culture and tradition with a standard of excellence.
  • Mission

    Al Waraqoon exists for the purposes of strengthening and embracing the unfolding era of culture. Our ultimate goal is to create and provide a reliable portal of the Arabic authentic heritage.