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Al Waraqoon is much more than a publishing house; it provides the most comprehensive offering of integrated services to enhance the publishing capabilities. In Al Waraqoon, no detail is gone unattended. We are dedicated to produce high-quality books. With over 55 titles in print and 10 years in business, Al Waraqoon’s reputation for publishing quality books comes from a variety of imprints led by dedicated editorial and creative design teams that bring great ideas and stories to readers of every age. From educational resources, craft and photography, cookbooks and more, we offer something for everyone. With the range of services offered, we strive to maintain client satisfaction, whereby our work reflects our client’s morals, beliefs and taste whilst upholding the most meticulous standards of quality.

  • Marketing Distribution

    Aside from product promotion, our marketing strategy is focused on how we can continue to be of value to our readers. By building on value, we will thrive in this increasingly competitive market place. We continue to bring titles that have never, or have rarely been tackled, innovating, using the latest techniques and technologies in publishing, and by constantly re-evaluating our standards to meet industry requirements. Al Waraqoon markets the essence of books.
  • We Offer

    We offer a growing collection of coffee table and standard layout books on different subjects in various styles of presentations. Our books are reader-friendly, informative and visually rich using first-class printing materials and processes. This commitment to quality is what makes Al Waraqoon’s publications well-received and acknowledged in the industry. And because of their value, our books are usually presented as personal, corporate or VIP gifts, souvenirs and memorabilia.
  • Corporate Gifts

    Corporate gifts are high quality items that can show the appreciation and concern of a business towards its clients and employees. Items like customized pens, mugs, notepads …etc. Al Waraqoon provides this service to give a good impression on a certain company.